Sport Seat SIP RACE

Sport Seat SIP RACE

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for Vespa PX80-200/​PE/​Lusso/​'98/​MY/​'11

  • GRP
  • black
  • incl. mounting material

Sporty benches with streamlined humps for solo use made of light and stable composite materials.


Our SIP sport seats are one of our first products ever! They were and still are a showcase of SIP Scootershop which we are especially proud of. The prototype was already designed in 1993 with a lot of blood and bodyfiller in the catacombs of the first SIP shop. Since then our sport seat was fitted to many custom scooters in the last two decades: „El Sidney“, „Ring of Fire“, „Glorious Basterd“, „Rich Racer“, „Red Bull Racer“, „Wolle 250“, „elf“, „Aeon Flux“, „In the web of Spiderman“ and many more.

  • the icon among sports bench seats
  • very nice lines
  • light and robust

The FRP version consists of three layers of glass-fibre reinforced plastic that surround a core of polyurethane. And as a finish a smooth upper surface, which can be easily painted over.

The outer layers of the seats in CARBON are made of carbon fiber mats. The lower structure is made of fiberglass mats, similar to the FRP bench. All SIP FRP  and CARBON parts are made by hand.


All the seats are attached the same way with a robust click mechanism on to the frame. The seat is supplied with all necessary mounting parts and instructions.


SIP EVO 3.0: An visual update for the Evo II  version with a new look. The Evo 3.0 seat is flatter and stronger rounded. Adapts to the shape of the Vespa frame completely seamless and offers you a sensational look. It is particularly good on custom rebuilds with frame cuts on the leg shield and side panels. The EVO 3.0 is a further development of the previous series. Compared to the previous model, it has been further refined in terms of fit and lines.


SIP RACE: Just in time to celebrate 25 years SIP in 2019. The new SIP RACE sportseat for PX was designed for PX frames. The seats matches perfectly tot this frame. Nearly no gap between frame and seat is visible. The contour perfectly matches the shape of the PX frame.


Conclusion: The classic and sporty seating for classic Vespa scooters.




SIP-TIP: In order to have the seat fit nicely, please shorten the support rubbers with a knife where the seat has too much elevation. In case a support rubber does not touch the chassis, please even out with rubber washers. All support rubbers should touch the chassis. In case the seat should touch the knurled screw of the tank with the old PX model, please order the flat knurled screw. That?s it.