Number Plate Holder SIP for German license number, rear

Number Plate Holder SIP for German license number, rear

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Number Plate Holder SIP for German license number, rear

  • 240x135 mm
  • plastic
  • black

A practical number-plate holder for small-capacity two-wheelers.


Many riders have experienced number-plates with their hole spacing being incompatible with the attachment possibilities. Another annoyance is then searching for attractive, suitable fixing screws to improve the plates overall appearance a little. All these problems are now anecdotal with the introduction of these SIP number-plate holders.

What are the main advantages of the SIP number-plate holders?

  • Hole spacing compatible with nearly all models.
  • Suitable for small-capacity motorbikes and scooters.
  • Available in black or chrome.

Due to the clever fixing-hole spacing arrangement, this innovative number-plate holder is compatible with virtually all relevant models. The clip system is especially practical as once the holder is properly mounted, any number plate can then be inserted and securely displayed without the need for any unsightly fixing holes or screws!

This holder is available in two separate sizes to cater for both types of small capacity two wheeler number-plates. The 255mm x 130mm version for the standard sized plates, with a 240mm x 130mm type for the minimised number-plates. We recommend you check the size of the number plate fitted to your bike or scooter before ordering.

Both varieties are available in black with a white logo or with a chromed holder with a black logo.


Conclusion: Inexpensive and practical insurance number-plate holder.

Do not forget – our SIP–TIP:

  • For a secure attachment we recommend the use of our fixing kit (# 7520550).
  • Individual screws (# 31059000) are also practical for mounting these insurance plates.