Indicator Kit SIP rear, left & right

Indicator Kit SIP rear, left & right

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Indicator Kit SIP rear, left & right

for Vespa Primavera/​Sprint 50-150ccm

  • toned
  • indicator socket: LED
  • with LED marker lights
  • with e-pass

An LED indicator kit, including additional running lights.


Due to its bright LED bulbs these running lights, or sidelights, make your scooter more noticeable to other road users, even during the daylight hours. The conversion to the SIP LED indicators not only improves the appearance of your Vespa, but also increases your level of passive safety in traffic.

  • Available with either clear or smoked lenses
  • White running lights at the front
  • Red running lights at the rear
  • Include an EU approval number

These SIP LED indicators with integrated running lights provide an additional light source to your scooter. This helps raise the awareness of other traffic to your position and therefore your safety. The pair at the front emit a white light and those at the rear shine in red. To make these fully legal for road use in the EU, they also include a clearly visible 'E' approval marking.

The connection

Our SIP LED indicators are relatively simple to install on your scooter. On the 125/150cc models the front pair have a plug & play mounting. On the 50cc models however this type of illumination is not yet standard equipment and they will require the adapter cable that is included in the kit to function correctly. The rear pair require this adapter cable to be connected on all models. The yellow cable in the kit is then connected to the yellow/black rear light cable from the scooters existing wiring.


On some models, produced since the introduction of the Euro IV regulations, the running lights bulbs will blink when the indicator is activated. This can be rectified by rearranging the cables within the cable connector block. First remove the red cap and with the use of a very thin slotted screwdriver push both cables out to swap their positions during reinsertion.


Conclusion: Simple replacement and upgrade of the indicator units, ensuring an improved appearance and increased passive safety in the urban jungle!

The complementary components for these indicator kits - our SIP-TIP:

  • For an ideal combination, indicators should be replaced at both the front and the rear.
  • Why not expand the LED illumination with a suitable LED headlight?
  • To complete the look, do not forget to order a LED rear light unit!